Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring has Sprung – So Have Jobs in the Capital Region

I talk to a lot of people – lots of people – from all backgrounds. I still hear the all too familiar comment – “Boy Dan, this job market rots in our area”.

Frankly, I am taken aback somewhat, because there is no truth in that statement at all. None. Nadda. Yes, some sectors are having a hard time recovering and in other parts of the State and nation, the picture is still bleak for jobs.

But here – the market is perking along. We are seeing new job growth (watch the news on WRGB Channel 6 for more on this Employers are not just refilling positions that were part of layoffs before, but they are adding new jobs as well – what we want to see.

I watch these numbers every day. So please do not get caught in the negative spin. The job market is so much better that last year and close to the marks we were seeing before the recession. Keep pushing if you are looking – there is an opportunity out there.

For your information, my latest report on the job market in the region … Thanks.

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Albany, NY, April 21, 2010

Job Postings Unchanged Past Seven Days – Still Strong

(Albany, NY, April 21, 2010) – Job postings in the Capital Region remained unchanged this past seven days, coming in at just over 6000 which is still very strong for this market and a good sign for job seekers and employers alike.

“The job market is still strong in our area and showing consistency. Over 6000 job postings is a number we haven’t seen on any consistent basis for over 2 and one-half years, evidence that we have climbed out of the recession lows and are seeing real job growth, stated Dan Moran, Founder & President of Next-Act (, a career transition management firm located in Colonie. Moran assists individuals in identifying new careers and also those in the midst of a job search and needing direction. His firm also tracks the job market on a regional and statewide basis.

“Some of the companies I have seen posting positions are new companies or ones that we haven’t seen any activity in some time, which is a good sign”.

Other markets in NYS didn’t fare as well. There were some significant drops in job postings in metro NY, Buffalo and Syracuse, bucking the tread set by the Capital Region. The Capital Region continues to outpace Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse for job postings. “In metro NYC, after a few weeks of drops in job postings, I did see quite a rebound this past seven days”. The Capital Region is the smallest of all these markets as well.

## Background ##

Job postings in the Region are normally in the baseline of 4000 – 4900 on a weekly basis and 7-day rolling average, consistent for this area. Monitoring job postings is a leading indicator of hiring within the following 30-45 days. This methodology is utilized by reading research houses nationally and is employed in the Region by Moran’s firm. For the purpose of reporting, the Region is defined as a 50 mile radius of Albany.

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