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Getting Noticed by Hiring Managers – Just don’t go too far ….

Getting Noticed by Hiring Managers – Just don’t go too far ….

Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these. -- James Whitcomb Riley

The job market is competitive – very competitive. One of the most common complaints from job seekers is their inability to get noticed by hiring managers. Technology has made I easy to apply for jobs but at the same time, hiring managers are being flooded with job applicants so it is important to stand out – within reason.

Some job applicants have done some weird and some rather innovative things to get noticed. One man hung a sandwich board sign around his next on the streets of NYC every day touting “MIT GRAD FOR HIRE” – and it paid off some 18 months later. Another woman who was looking for a nursing job printed her resume on a 3 x 5 card and stuffed it into a prescription bottle and mailed it to the hiring manager – it worked. Another woman set up a lemonade stand outside of an employer she wanted to work for and handed out free lemonade with, of course, a copy of her resume.

One of the strangest – a man in NYC would go from subway train to another during the morning rush and announce in a prepared speech who he was and the type of job he was looking for.

Being creative and innovative is unique; going overboard can have the opposite effect like the man who waiting in the parking lot to meet a company CEO so he could pitch himself. Hw observed when this individual came and left work and where he parked. So he was there and jumped out to surprise him and introduce himself. Didn’t work – he was arrested for trespassing – he climbed over a fence into a secure area. Not the way to get noticed!

I have three tips for you this week to help get beyond the dread of sending resumes into what seems to be a black hole with little response or response 4 to 6 weeks later:

• Apply only for jobs you are qualified for. Many just blast their resume to any job. That will soon get you noticed as desperate and unfocused and you don’t want that to be how you are remembered. Also, just blasting resumes to each and every job opening is going to cause frustration. On the other side in human resources, dealing with the deluge is difficult, slow and cumbersome.

• When you find an opportunity that is right for you, get focused in your approach. Remember that your resume gets 5 to 15 second scan so be sure that you clearly communicate why you are best for this job right up front in your resume and of course, email or cover letter you send. Be specific and address the qualifications the employer is looking for and how you fit the bill.

• Don’t just send a resume – network your way in. To truly get noticed, find someone who may have a connection to the company or one of the managers and ask that person to make an introduction for you. Send your resume as requested in the posting but go the extra step – network. It is a bit harder, but certainly worth the pay off.

Be unique for sure. Be creative; just be careful. It is persistence that wins – so win – win –win!

And thank you for reading this -- Dan
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