Sunday, February 6, 2011

Network ‘Tween the Nachos … Super Sunday it is …

~ Position yourself as a center of influence - the one who knows the movers and shakers. People will respond to that, and you'll soon become what you project. ~
Bob Burg

I will have to admit. I am not a football fan. Never was but love college basketball, baseball and hockey. However, there is one very special Sunday ever year that on some level, everyone is a football fan – Super Bowl Sunday. When else can you eat food that is bad for you, drink beer and know it is your “obligation”?

Everyone gathers for parties – you meet new people, make new friends and your social circle is expanded. You are – yes – networking. This is why I feel that Super Bowl Sunday is the most important networking opportunity you have all year. Where else can you join up with like minded individuals, in a fun setting, devoid of the trappings of a business event and the sliding of business cards to people you may never hear from or see again. The setting is right for good, long standing contacts to be made, if you set your mind to doing so.

I recall a few years back listening to one of my clients tell me about a Super Bowl (SB) gathering she and her husband went to. She was in another room, casually talking to another guest. They realized that they had a common interest. They then agreed to meet for coffee. End game – this new SB friend hooked her up with another person in their company and it lead to a new job. Funny the power of nachos …
So this weekend, Bear and Packer fans alike, have fun – but look for opportunities to meet a new circle of friends and perhaps influencers. See if others who are there may be of help to you; do the same and see if you can help someone else. Make new contacts, follow-up and you may be surprised what can occur.

You never know where the next person you meet can talk you, if you let them. Be open. Be opportunistic. Have fun, and enjoy.

Go (you fill in the blank)!

And thank you for reading this - Dan

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