Monday, March 7, 2011

Being the “Best Of” --- you ...

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln

Many publications have been running their Best Of contests, providing reader’s rankings of restaurants, services, stores etc. It is fun to read, and congratulations to the winners.

Along this theme of “Best Of” I thought I would take a difference approach ….

What makes a person the best at what they do and why do some businesses reach “Best Of” distinction, and others don’t …

Over the years of being in the business of helping people and businesses achieve their best performance, I have learned that the answers are not found in the product, not found is just the location or in the marketing message.

It is found in the people – the people that fuel a business and take care of customers. It is the people in a business that can make – or break – a business. This is why it is so critical to focus on getting the right people into the right jobs in a company. As well, for the individual, it is so important to be in the right job or else you stand a higher change of failure.

When I talk of people, it isn’t one person – it’s the team of people working together where the magic occurs. If you have a team in your business that is motivated, driven to succeed, industrious, and perhaps resilient, you have a high functioning team that will help drive the business forward. One mis-match person on a team can bring performance down – so careful selection, evaluation, testing/assessment and knowing when to pass on someone is critical – so critical to business success.

And this is where most business owners fail – they hire bodies and not players for the business – it is just sometimes easier to have a body versus no one. As many know, this will come back to bite you. Tools are available in the marketplace (and not they won’t cost and arm and a leg) to help any size business make better, more informed and predictive hiring choices – choosing the right players for the team. I use several but find great success with Fitability and Chequed, both of which I know well. These tools can virtually predict performance, before you hire and waste money. If you haven’t won “Best Of” distinction and want to, work first on the foundation – the players on you team.

Is the same true for career? Absolutely. Being in a job or career that fits you is imperative to driving your performance. If you are disconnected, out-of-place and in the wrong job or career, your performance will suffer and your attitude will be severely affected. That spells trouble but you can correct if you commit to being the best of in what you do and where you do it.

At the same time, being in a business – or potentially launching a business – that may not be the right fit for you can spell early doom. We have all seen and heard it. A person launches a business, perhaps they didn’t vet the ideas and fit first, and then failed – or worst yet they see some success, but they hate it. Customers see it. They complain. At some point, their customers will “fire” them.

To be the “Best O” – in business, career, as an employer – look to fit and have the right people on your team and be the right person on a team. It defines success. – And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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