Monday, May 9, 2011

Mushrooms grow in the Dark – not people – so get into the light …

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.” – Denis Waitley

Some people live in the shadow of someone else and they stay in the background. For some, this is a comfort zone – they are where they cannot be seen or heard, and they just function. They are like a mushroom surviving in the dark and dank. For many, the person who they are in the shadow of wants it that way and will attempt to keep them in the dark and to a degree, under control.

Being in the “dark” or in other words, in the shadow of another will make it so difficult to grow, achieve, take on new responsibilities and be what you want to be. If this is you or someone you know, and you have committed to change in life and career, time to shed the shadow of someone else, let go of the ropes and stake your claim to what you want, without being held back. Making the break will be invigorating for sure, and you can celebrate .

Remember – no one can control you – unless you let them.

Especially in your career, this is so true, and in relationships as well. One can only be controlled and limited if they allow themselves to be, and have been unwilling to break out and chart their own course. A demanding boss or controlling individual may try to hold you back, but you can break this – just be direct and honest – state your intentions – and begin the move, not letting someone else take the actions for you.

* Want a new job in another department and told you can’t – tell your boss your intentions, communicate your plan and control your approach to the new department.
* Told you can’t do X, Y or Z in your career? Never accept it; state your intentions to your family, significant other, etc. and begin the move, controlling it for yourself and not letting others control or hold you back.
* Being held back on your job by a controlling boss or situation and feeling constricted and miserable. Speak up – state your intentions and needs and if not heeded, it is time to move on. Be bold to accept this, and take action

Work is 80% of your waking time – should you not be happy, fulfilled and growing? Absolutely you should and it is often the first bold move – coming out of the shadow of someone else that will launch you toward this.

Come into your own light. Shine and stake your claim on your future and goals – and enjoy the ride! And thank you for reading this. -Dan

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