Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it's up to you to draw it. ~B. Quilliam

As you likely know if you have read my writings for a period of time, I am all about doing what you love – what drives your passion – in your career and life for that matter. Those engaged in work or life situation where they are fulfilled, motivated and enjoy, prosper, grow and lead happier lives.

But there is another element to consider – reality.

I was just reading about one of the Occupiers in NYC who had a good job teaching in the NYC school system but felt unfulfilled. He quit his job and embarked to complete his Master’s degree in Puppetry (the art – not the new technology). Obviously he enjoyed this. The reality was that now over a year later hounded by school loans he could not find a job in his chosen field.

I did a scan of the national job market. With over 4 million job postings, there were two that were looking for those with experience and interest in the field of puppetry. Only two – not very promising for sure. A sure case for doing a reality check before launching in a new direction.

One of the critical processes I bring my clients through is the reality check. We could identify a direction that in no way would be feasible from an economic, market or other perspective. It can be a damper but critical to know. This gentleman in this article likely didn’t do that and he will need to, in his mind, “settle” in his next job.

So – what do you do when facing seeking a new direction?

Be sure you do a reality check. Analyze and determine:

… What is the current job market for a person seeking this career direction?
… What are the future prospects for the chosen field?
… What technology or other advances may change the market opportunities in the future?
… What skill set will this career demand in the future that I will need to invest in?

You may not like the answers, but the answers will be your reality check and this is very important. Occupations and industries are changing and will continue to change. Remember the Travel Agent – the Typewriter Repairperson - The Stenographer? All fell and continue to fall victim to a changing market and technology.

Do what you love yes – but be sure there is enough “love” to make it viable. Put the odds in your favor. And thank you for reading this. – Dan

PS: May you and your family have a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving.

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