Saturday, June 2, 2012

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill The news from Friday about the state of the national job market was devastating, dismal and the worst, panicking. Clearly our economy is still “broken” even after the trillions pumped into it. This is and will be the issue for the next 180 some odd days until the election and we will be hearing about it day by day. The real effect isn’t what happened in May with only 69,000 jobs created or the readjustment to March and April downward. That is history and you cannot change, only learn, from history. The effect is on the minds of employers with hiring needs, and to those in the job market looking for a job or thinking about doing so. What sets the course for the future is what we do now, not what happened in the past. One cannot live in the past and in fear of it, as it holds you back. You need to look to the future, put this bad news behind you, and reach your goals. The tough economic news should have no effect on your plan – none whatsoever – and here is why. When there is poor financial news like we have seen on Friday or for the last months for that matter, employers panic as well, and they hold back on hiring decisions. The unsettled stock market, European debt situation, news on our economy which has not been positive all causes negative energy that leads to uncertainty and then, sadly, lack of forward action and growth – and that means jobs. In my 24 + years of being in this business and three recession (no wonder I am gray!), I have witnessed this over and over again. The result? Job postings drop in numbers (been happening all 2012). Jobs get put on hold after active recruiting (hearing this every day). Plans to expand the workforce are put on hold. All not good for those in the market. So here you are - unemployed and actively looking, underemployed and looking to improve your situation or seeking your next opportunity to grow and work in a manner you are passionate about. • Do you put your resume (and your plan) on the shelf until it gets better? • Do you curl up in a ball in the corner panicked and cry? • Do you “go negative” in mind, spirit and in the manner you communicate to others? • Do you (---fill in the blank)? No – No-No-No. You do just the opposite – you push harder when others likely will not. In business, when a company slows, their competition pounces on them and eats their lunch. It is true – you snooze, you lose. In this current situation, many will snooze – they will slow and stall their search efforts giving you a better opportunity to win. I have seen it already in some of the surveys I run as well as comments I see from those in the market – it has been happening and will be happening more. How to win? Get out of the pity pool – No time for that. Yes the news isn’t good, our economy is broken but you and I can’t change that today – that’s for Washington and the electorate to change. Dust yourself off, put past behind you, and move – no surge – forward with new found gusto. Wipe off the sad face – shine by being positive - VERY important. You are as one perceives you and perception becomes reality. If you look down you are down in their eyes and not strong. Be positive, shining and engaging and you will make an instant strong connection. Hang with others who share your like mind – positive – and put the negative Nellie’s on the shelf for now – they will bring you down. Set goals – to grow – Have a goal to meet five new people per week (that’s networking)? Make it ten. Have a goal to apply to five jobs? Make it ten. Have a goal to identify 10 companies you would like to work for? Make it 15-20. Measure your efforts – celebrate wins – little and big - Setting goals is one thing – measuring your progress is another. Write your goals down, and keep them right in front of you – not on your computer or your phone – but square in front of you, always. Seems over the top? Take my word – it is important and it works. As you achieve a goal – like making ten new contacts in a week rather than five – celebrate. Do something for yourself or help another. It is all about attitude and you control yours 100%. Don’t let others try to control it for you. WIN! And thank you, as always, for reading this. - Dan

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