Sunday, November 10, 2013

Learn to be a better employee by mimicking your children’s school week habits …

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” Benjamin Franklin

Some of the best days Vikki and I have are the days when we have our grandchildren for an extended period of time, this time five days during the school week. We are amazed at the schedules they keep and the activities they participate in.  When we were both kids, our biggest concern was getting outside to play in the streets until the streetlights came on!

We both starting thinking about the lives of our blessed grandchildren and what it means to work and being a better employee, and it became clear – our children are developing the fundamentals of work in the conduct and “management” of their everyday lives. Many say work ethic is missing for many in the workplace – and in many cases I would agree. It must slip away in later teenage and college-age years. But for many – it is engrained for life – and we hope our grandchildren will see this.

In the words and actions of Olivia and Jackson Moran, we offer examples of early habits that can become - if continued  - a lifetime of preparation for strong work ethics. For example:

The importance of being timely – I watch Olivia and Jackson manage a daily schedule which makes my mind hurt! Precise to the minute, they stay on it – they are responsible.

Fitting In – The key to success in both the lives of a child and in work. If you do not fit in, school (and work) can be a tough run. Our kids fit in; their friends are truly valuable.

Always doing more – Not just going to school (or work) but being actively engaged and doing more, contributing more and becoming a “player”.

Managing your schedule – This was baffling. During the school day and after, they stay on schedule and they know what they need to do when. In work, it is the same.

Note Taking – “I’ll remember that” – and it doesn’t happen. Watch your children take copious notes on their school day activities and reminders.

Being Organized – The key to success on all life levels. If one is organized one is productive and in control. Our kids learn early on; it is important that they keep those habits.

Knowing the importance of a good night’s sleep – Our parents had to fight with us to go to sleep. Today’s children seem to understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and they seem to actually look forward to you. Studies prove over and over again – a good sleep allows the body and mind to function at 100%.

Eating healthy – My grand kids eat healthy (absent the breakout or two!).  They have balanced lunches and it makes a difference.

Having a strong work ethic – Our observation is that in order to get through a child’s school life, they must have a strong work ethic and this will hopefully, with guidance from others, continue. No one suffers from hard work; they grow stronger from it.

Rewarding after work (homework) is completed – Off the school bus, and to work on the homework – that is a strong work ethic. After homework is completed however, they reward themselves in some manner, a form of recognition.

Being respectful – We are blessed. Our grandkids are truly respectful and it comes from school and their parents. Early foundations of respect for others can be the foundation of life.

Having fun – One must have fun, and our kids to for sure. It isn’t just “fun” in the IPad or phone, but true fun – running, playing with the dog, busting on their Popi (me), all that makes us laugh.

Developing relationships (friends) – The relationships you develop will be, as one goes through life and career, your most important assets. They get this; they form relationships that they nurture and they are strong.

At time, we should look no further than the eyes of our children to see behavior, ethics and conduct that are examples of being a great employee or leader. Our role as role models and parents?  Keep what they learn in their early years engrained and part of their lives as they grow and develop.

Gotta go – school bus will be here in 3.5 minutes!

And thank you for reading this. I am truly blessed. – Dan

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