Sunday, December 15, 2013

NOW… Only 16 Days and counting …. Tick Tock, Tick Tock …

I never worry about action, but only inaction. - Winston Churchill

Last week I outlined the first of five steps you can work on now to set up 2014 as a great year.

It is now seven days later – and there are only 16 days left in this year before we are on to a new year, full of promise and opportunity – if you plan and act now!

Next week it will be holiday festivities – but maybe some time to focus on a very important person – YOU! I have included  Steps 5-10 to complete the list  of steps you can take now in the waning days of 2013 to set yourself  up for a strong 2014, ready to break out and achieve what you want to achieve in your career, and therefore life. If you are committed to making a change in your job or career – really committed – take it from thought to action. Talking about it gets you nowhere; taking action does.

Ready? Really Ready? Committed?

Five to Ten: The Final Five of 10-Steps to Set up 2014 to be a Great Career Year for You

Start Preparing Now!
What are you waiting for. The downtime of the holiday season is a great time to get a head start of your career and live goals for 2014. Start by making a list of career or life challenges you face, and outline actions to solve each challenge – then do it. As you eliminate a challenge, celebrate!

Get Organized
The killer of progress and productivity – organization. Rearrange your workspace, files, technology to be more productive and efficient. “Cleanse” the papers and archive (or trash!) what you haven’t touched in ages. When clutter is gone, your mind is clearer.

Plan your work day to be more efficient
Commit to practice better time management in 2014. Always running behind or being late is difficult to manage. Allow sufficient time for meetings and travel and don’t be like me who feels I can get anywhere in 10 minutes! Another key to mastering time – always have a To-Do list (or DO List) ready and in view.

Develop deeper workplace relationships
Build the relationships you have with others in work in small ways. Keeping a positive attitude when working with or communicating with others develops your personal brand. Acknowledging special occasions – a birthday, event, etc. – is another way to show you care. Maintaining excellent relationships with others boost morale, develops synergy and adds to the culture of your workplace so make a difference!

Don’t Say it – DO IT! Follow through on your actions
Taking control of your career and life will only occur if you follow through and develop a reputation as one who follows up, and does what you say. Personally visualize success and enjoy how it feels. Pursue your goals aggressively and resolve never to give up on them. Last, be the one who does what you say you will do – that is leadership.

There are the steps. First however the bigger questions that I posed last week as week. Is it a new job you need, or a new direction in your career. Have you asked yourself these questions?

… Am I utilizing my professional and personal skills and talents?
… Am I maximizing my earnings potential?
… Am I doing what I was born to do and truly passionate about?
… Am I happy and fulfilled in my life.
… Can I visualize doing the same thing one to five years from now?

If you answered no to two or more, it is time to assess your style, personal characteristics and interests and discover a career that highlights them – and do this before you send one  resume or make one contact – get your direction with clarity first.

Start now – make 2014 soar for you … and thank you, as always, for reading this. - Dan

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