Sunday, February 9, 2014

Are you one of the 88 percent? …

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.” - — Steve Maraboli

Working longer?

Working harder?

Working with less support?

Working with less resources?

You are one of the 88% of workers whose job responsibilities have changed as compared to three years ago. USA TODAY, in a survey (CEB Succession Management Survey of 23,000 senior leaders/managers), found that 88% of respondents reported that their job responsibilities have increased. 88% is very high, but not surprising. During the recession, many were asked to do more with less and often requiring:

More hours at work …
Less hours at home …
More duties and responsibilities …
And often – no more pay!

BTW, only 7% reported no change in their responsibilities or workload – the lucky 7%!

This is the way work is developing post-recession. People are asked to do more with less and no compensation appropriate to the increased responsibilities. And it won’t change anytime soon as companies are hiring only when absolutely necessary and will work their staff harder to stretch their payroll dollars. Is it wrong?  That is open to discussion. In my opinion, there is a limit – and we are at the brink of that limit. The limit is when personal lives are affected – families, community and health. They are the “biggies”: and when affected, one needs to ask – is it worth it? 

My suggestions …

If you are in this boat  dont work from a point of fear:
  • Talk to your boss  explain the situation you find yourself in, and ask for ideas to reduce the situation.
  • Look to streamline the work you do – if acceptable to the company.
  • Move on – yup, the big one. If worked like a dog, take your bone elsewhere. Pounding one to work, work, work is disrespectful. And as I have always said, if you are disrespected, move on – and fast!
You are in control …

And you cannot be controlled. You are the master of your universe. Remember that! You have the right and privilege rot say – enough already!

And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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