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The Annual Renewal: Spring … (Yes - Spring is Coming or Here!)

FINALLY – it appears that Spring has sprung. With Spring comes new life, new blossoms and to many, a renewal of their spirit, drive and energy. Many connect New Year’ s the right of passage so to speak. One commits themselves to making changes for the coming year. But sadly most resolutions fall by the way side.

However, the spring renewal is different and that is when most put their commitment they made back in January into action.. I am a firm believer that the energy of spring drives people forward.  Many in coaching call it a reinvention:

Am I describing you? Or someone you know?

The definition of reinventing oneself is truly telling:

reinvent yourself  definition
To change the way that you behave or the things that you do so that people think of you as a different person (Source: Macmillian Dictionary)

If you are thinking that you don’t like your “vision” or need to make changes to it, you are ready for a reinvention for sure.

The Three Steps Toward Your Reinvention – that you can start now!

Reinventing yourself – finding you passion and purpose – and committing to the same is a process. It does not happen overnight with “instant” results. But celebrating your achievements as you work through the steps – now that is motivating!

Step One: Accepting that you need a change - Sounds easy, right? No so – it is the hardest step. It is easier to just go along and accept your situation. Accepting that you need to make a change takes a deep rooted commitment.

Step Two – Visualize Yourself - I often ask my clients – do you a have vision of yourself? Visualization is a powerful tool. To visualize you need time and a space  - true “me” time:

Think about the times you were truly happy – what were you doing?
Think of the times you were experiencing “pain” – what were you doing?
Visualize others talking about you – what are they saying and how does make you feel?
Step Three – Act on It
A reinvention of your life or career doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. It might be to start with (and I highly recommend this) a personal & professional mission statement that  defines what you will be and how others will perceive you.

It could be a simple as: To be in a career that provides the opportunity for me to truly help others in need directly or indirectly. In doing so, I will achieve a state of fulfillment finally, and be able to serve my community, faith and family with a smile.

And your actions? The actions you outline must be specific and measurable. For example:

1). Attend a program to network with other like individuals with similar thoughts.
2).  Join a group, through social media or otherwise, to develop a stronger network of contacts in career or life areas of common interest.
3).  Socialize (or share) my mission statement with three people weekly to gather their feedback and advice.

Soak in the sun. Build on its energy. Reinvest yourself – and achieve your happiness! And thank you for reading this – Dan

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