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Job Market Report 4 26 14 - Holding steady!

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Job Market In Region Continues Flat … National and other NYS Markets Drop

(Albany, NY, April 23, 2014) The Region’s job market remained flat this past seven days likely the effect of the holiday observances and school vacation breaks which is known to have an impact on business levels as many were on vacation, returning this week. “ While flat, we are holing above 2000 job postings on a seven day average which is slightly better than last year for the same time period echoing analysts that feel 2014 will mirror 2013 in terms of economic growth and jobs. Still, this is now five weeks in a row that we are seeing a higher level of jobs which is good and as I have reported in the past, indicates consistency in a period of the year - the second quarter, when we must see this to continue recovery” , stated Dan Moran, President and Founder of Next–Act, a career transition management firm in Colonie.  

Job postings in the Capital Region were 1942 compared to  approx. 1960 a week ago. Other markets in NYS were down again this past week, including the metro NYC area. The Capital Region still outpaces Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse for jobs in the market and the Capital Region is much smaller in population and employment than other NYS markets.

Is the real problem unemployment or employee disengagement

A critical issue being discussed by economic analysts goes beyond unemployment which is going down but still contains a component of the  unemployed and underemployed that drags down the economy. “Many analysts – including me – also feel that there is another even more damaging number in the labor market – the number of employees who report they are “disengaged” in their job and therefore under motivated, unproductive and not caring for the work they produce. A recent Gallup poll pegged the percentage of workers reported to be disengaged or significantly disengaged at 71%, a number that is potential very damaging to the economy. “In addition, this survey and others peg the cost of employee disengagement at $300 to $500 billion annually, and that is affecting economic recovery”.  Employee disengagement appears to be a byproduct of the recession when employers cut wages, benefits, hours and other programs and for many, never returned to pre-recession staffing even though business has largely returned to pre-recession levels. “In other surveys, 88% of employees are being asked to do the job of two or more people at the same compensation.  That erodes loyalty and leads to disengagement. On a short-term basis this will lead to a spike in turnover as employees leave for other jobs hoping the situation is better elsewhere. Employers need to beware of this situation in their companies and address it now”. 

National Job Market

Nationally the market was down somewhat Postings were 592,000, down from 631,000, last week. “ This number is a bit concerning as the national job performance appears to be sliding which may indicate an overall lack of continued confidence in the economy in some regions which is dragging job growth down. 
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