Monday, October 4, 2010

Choosing to Blossom ...

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. – Anais Nin

How much time, creative energy and emotion do we expend resisting change because the assumption is – hey to grow, it is painful? Much personal growth and achievement is uncomfortable, especially if stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

But our comfort zone has been rocked these past few years with the changing economy, new dynamic of a job market, business changes and a change in the manner that everyone views life. Those who change with change blossom; those who remain steadfastly cloistered a in a bud don’t. They resist doing thing differently to meet changing requirements – I have always done it this way. They are closed-minded to new options – I can only do this.

They limit their choices – I only want a job where I only do X,Y & Z and nothing else and it must be in this zip code (okay – I m stretching, but it is true).

Over time, those who resist or refuse change never blossom, they don’t grow and their options are limited. They may be comfortable but the pain of the comfort is often more than the pain of making a change. If I am describing you or someone close to you, time to help one open the bud and let the flower bloom:

Evaluate where you are in your career and life – Ask yourself: Has change passed me by and did I miss it? If so, time to catch-up – and you can do that. Talk to your boss if it is a job-related matter. Talk to yourself if you feel that you are not blossoming and begin to make your plan to change.

Evaluate where you stand in your industry – Has change passed you by in the industry you work? Is it growing – is it declining – is there significant change on the horizon you should begin planning for? Think about the Wall Street workers who were whacked because they either didn’t see – or didn’t want to see – what was about to happen in the financial markets. If there is change that has occurred and you haven’t adjusted or if there is pending change, have a plan to change with it – or get out of the situation and start anew.

Evaluate where your head (and heart) is – There is that pit-in-the-stomach sign, the Monday-morning-blues, the uneasy feeling one has when they just know that what they are doing isn’t for them anymore, but they just trudge on, do their job, and lose the smile. This is when change is really needed – and it usually takes a wake-up call, or a defining moment as I call it. Something that occurs that is like a jolt to have you realize – wow, what am I missing. When it happens, buck being a tight bud. Take the opportunity and begin to blossom and set a new course to grow.

Change for the pure sense of making change isn’t good. Change with purpose is. Resist being a tight bud. Chose to blossom. Grow. And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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