Monday, October 25, 2010

The Power of the "P" Word ...

"One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness". - Josh Billings

No … not power .. purpose .. potential. Not the words you would generally think about.

But rather --- Politeness. The big “P” word ….

As a society or country, it appears that we have lost this. People appear angry. They drive aggressively. We experience terrible customer service. Co-workers give curt and disrespectful answers – or don’t communicate at all. People don’t return phone calls. Don’t answer emails. There is little thanks for a job well done – for doing something special – for going out of one’s way.

We have lost our civility – and for many, they are just not polite. That value our prior generations taught and practiced every day and drilled into our brain as the only way to conduct yourself. It appears lost.

Being polite to others is respectful, brings a smile to your face, shows others you care, and is critical to your personal brand – and that is so important in career matters. One known to be polite and respectful will go far; one known as not polite, angry, disrespectful, curt, well, their growth is more difficult – and they become more angry and disconnected.

Just using the two most powerful words we know – Please and Thank You – is the beginning. A smile when engaging someone else, a touch if appropriate – that can melt the most difficult person. Slowing down on the road. Being respectful in returning calls, emails or other communications --- that is just being smart and doing the right thing.

About your personal brand …

People like to work with people they like and enjoy being around. Those who have lost the art of politeness, appear angry or uncaring, are not the ones we strive to work with. In hiring and promoting, it is certainly a black mark on potential. Your personal brand – that tool that defines who you are --- is powerful. Many spend years building their brand through experience, accomplishments, relationships and connections – and then blow it by shunning the “basics” – politeness, respect and caring. One you put a black mark on your brand, it is so difficult and a climb to change it. It becomes part of your reputation, a reputation you would rather not have.

Practice “P” today …

Commit to being polite to others, to losing that pent up anger that is so harmful and so discouraging to see in many today in our country. If angry, find out why – and then change it. Treat others with respect. Learn to smile again, Be caring.

If we all got this calling, we would see change n our life, career, business and as a nation and world. You can start it right now – just smile and send a note or an email (that’s simple!) to someone – and thank them thank them for something – or just say hello.

And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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