Monday, November 29, 2010

A Smashing Success – and we shook it up!

On Wednesday November 11th, we launched the very first on-air job bank, The CBS6 Answers Team Job Bank, live from the studios of WRGB and to say the least, it was a smashing success. In response to the plunging economy, CBS6 wanted to give back to the community and provide resources for those in need of advice on jobs, career, finance, real estate, credit and more, so they gathered group (we call ourselves the A-Team) to come on air and provide advice on a one-to-one basis on a phone bank. The phones ringed off the hook.

This past summer, the idea on doing a very-first, on-air Job Banks was conceived and we held our first on the 11th, from 5pm to 7pm during the newscast. We brought in 12 local employers with jobs looking for candidates – and then it began -- the onslaught of calls. Several hundred in fact, and over 12,000 hits on the job bank web site! Within a few days, employers were reporting back that they had hired candidates who called in – way to go.

I answered calls on general job and career questions – and took overflow calls (and there were tons). What I was so impressed by was the comments from those who called in who took the time to thank CBS 6 and the employer team for being there, listening and helping.

When something works – do it again!

And we will. The next CBS6 Answers Team Job Bank will be Wednesday January 12th from 5 pm to 7 pm. We will do it yet again on Wednesday February 16th – so mark your calendar and plan to join in.

A special thanks to the employers and their representatives that participated – nd of course, to the CBS 6 staff for pulling this off. They truly care!

And thank you for reading this. - Dan
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