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Job Market Update, December 1, 2010

Holiday is over - back to the real world.

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Albany, NY, December 1, 2010

On Heels of Holiday, Job Posting Plummet

(Albany, NY, December 1, 2010) – Job postings dropped significantly the past seven days on the heels of the Thanksgiving holiday, which was expected. Postings dropped to just about 4600, down from 5300 and 5600 the past two weeks. “This drop is not unusual after and around a major holiday. What is important to see is a day by day rebound which, over the past three days, has been occurring. We should see postings return to the levels we have seen the past several weeks shortly,” stated Dan Moran, Founder & President of Next-Act (, a career transition management firm located in Colonie. Moran assists individuals in identifying new careers and also those in the midst of a job search and needing direction. His firm also tracks the job market on a regional and statewide basis.

Moran again recommended that job seekers do not curtail their search efforts during the upcoming holiday season. “In fact, you should do just the opposite – keep the pressure on and take advantage of opportunities to network and make new contacts. Many job seekers are falsely lead to believe that jobs dry up during the holiday season. There is no statistical data to prove this; it is a myth. Job seekers leave the market however”.

Other markets in New York State showed similar results. While a smaller market, the Capital Region still outpaces other NYS markets (with the exception of metro NYC). This has been consistent for well over two years.


Job postings in the Region are normally in the baseline of 4000 – 4900 on a weekly basis and 7-day rolling average, consistent for this area. Monitoring job postings is a leading indicator of hiring within the following 30-45 days. This methodology is utilized by reading research houses nationally and is employed in the Region by Moran’s firm. For the purpose of reporting, the Region is defined as a 50 mile radius of Albany.

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About Next-Act

Next-Act, a division of DVG, Inc. is a career management & transition firm directed by Dan Moran, the Founder & President of the firm. Moran contributes over thirty years experience in career consulting, business and human resources management. Moran is noted for his expertise in helping today’s “boomers” move on to fulfilling second careers, while helping executives and professionals achieve their career goals. The firm also provides human resources consulting and corporate services to companies. Moran is also a certified facilitator for C.J. Hayden’s Get Clients Now! & Get Hired Now! programs.

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