Sunday, January 2, 2011

Success in Business (and in life): It’s Over …

“The past is but the past of a beginning.”. -- H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946)

History. Gone. Closed book. 2010 is behind us and as we all know, you cannot change history. So why dwell on it.

For many, 2010 continued to be challenging on many fronts. We lived through --- and continue to live through – a barrage of just bad news, some light at the end of the tunnel and an era of change. And, some very good news and promise too. 2010 continued to reshape many of our values, our practices and our outlook on what is most important in life. We are a new people, a people that has experienced the worst, found our way, and showed that we cannot – cannot – be beaten back. This is so critical in career in life – facing the challenge, embracing it, and defeating it.

In evidence, if you have not seen it already, I encourage to see The King’s Speech playing in theaters now. It is the story of King George, the “reluctant King”, who stammered painfully and found himself at the head of England and the world colonies during WWII – and he could hardly utter a word in speech. He embraced it, and through divine intervention ( you have to see the movie), overcame and excelled as a leader. I left the theater speechless.

So --- Now it is time to move on and forward with the tools we have: Our passion, skills, experience, education and values. No one can take these away – no one. The holiday slumber is behind us; new opportunities are before us. Go get them. Grab them. Be resilient. Be ready to put 2011 in the record books for you.

Don’t wait. Start now. Ready – Aim – Fire!

And thank you for reading this …

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