Monday, October 15, 2012

Give Back – Help Others – Be Charged!

I came to realize that life lived to help others is the only one that matters and that it is my duty…This is my highest and best use as a human. – Ben Stein

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the Times Union Job Fair this past Monday October 8th at the Marriott on Wolf Road. The job fair was filled with employers looking for qualified candidates and as well, job seekers seeing employment – what a perfect match!

Our panel discussion was on careers in not for profits and community service organizations and along with me was Molly Daniels, HR Director for Northeast Parent & Child, entrepreneur Jeff Foley and the CEO of the Community Foundation of the Capital Region,  Karen Bilowith. The questions that were posed to the panel allowed all of us to tell our story about working in or finding a career in service to others.

Oftentimes, working in not for profits or community service organizations I overlooked by those in the market for a new job or career. It is “assumed” (you know what happens when you assume!) that the pay is low and you must have very specialized skills to land a job.

Both not usually true.

Pay is variable by the organization. Some are perhaps lower but many are higher in salary. You need to look at the total compensation package with salary as one element and supported by benefits, retirement funding et al. One of the panelist I talked with told me that he was shocked how much he made when working for a not for profit. That assumption – out the window.

Skills and the need to have specialized training – yes true in some of the roles but remember, these organizations are businesses in the business of helping others. They have needs in operations, administration, accounting, etc. like any other business. I see this in healthcare too – the assumption being made that you need to be a nurse or doctor to work in this industry – not so.

Working to help others have value. mission and purpose …

I talked about finding a role in career that provides value to others, is aligned to mission and has purpose and almost like on cue, I saw everyone’s head nod in agreement. This is the value one receives by working in a not for profit, service organization, healthcare and other roles. In fact, a recent survey of people evaluating career options indicated that the top priority of 31% of the responders – a desire to work for purpose an give back.

Giving back to others in truly fulfilling, and needed in our culture where we appear to be mostly connected through technology and the one-to-one communication or service to others seems somewhat lost which is unfortunate. When you see the smile on the face of someone you have helped or impacted, and just see someone achieve what they dreamed, you can go on for weeks fulfilled.

As many enter their second career – sometimes known as the encore career – they look toward doing something with purpose and these organizations provide that opportunity, at most any age. As well, service to others I a great way to start one’s career. I heard one person from a not for profit say, “Come here for a job – stay here for a career”.

That can be you – at any age. Do what you love and desire to do, and lead a life fulfilled.

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