Sunday, November 11, 2012

It’s Over – A New Day – And the President is ------- …..

Election Day is in the history books I am writing this blog on Election Day and as I write this, I do not know who won or even if the race is decided (but I sure hope so).

 (Last Minute Add: Congratulations to the President on his reelection. Happy or not about it, it is time to move on).

 In my mind, it doesn’t make a difference in what I want to write about: The Election is over. Time to get out of the malaise. Time to move on.

 Over the past several months many have been mesmerized – many paralyzed - not knowing what to do or where our country is headed. That has caused a significant amount of indecision on the part of people and their lives, and with businesses just holding still. Many seem to be in a malaise and unable to move forward or think forward. We have dealt with and experienced a most divisive election – one that has to go into the history books, and also, a natural catastrophic event in the  name of Hurricane Sandy which brought millions to their knees and we pray and hope for them every day.

 The malaise affected people and business. Investments were curtailed.  Business slowed on hiring – we have seen this for sure. The markets have been anemic. Politics and fear have dominated thoughts and most definitely the media. We have also witnessed America at its best and our cherished honor – the ability to vote freely – which should make each and everyone proud.

 So --- now over – time to move on

 Move on to the plans you have set for yourself, your life and your career. Time to start anew on growing and succeeding. Time to take back control of your life and career. Think of the key goals you have set for yourself – goals that may slipping somewhat given the time of the year and the election.  It is time to dust off that list of goals and dreams you have had, and begin working on it. The list may include:

Finding a new job that you find fulfilling and rewarding, and not just a paycheck.

Discovering your ideal career – a career that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and engage.

A business that you have wanted to launch – but were held back by uncertainty and maybe fear.

Giving back to your community in some manner – or just helping others or a special person. 

… and the list can go on ….

 You control your success, or your failure. It is up to you – and no one else. No elected official, no government, no other factors. It is you alone.

 So set your sights on tomorrow. Don’t look back – you can’t change history. If your candidate lost, feel bad – then move on. If your candidate won, celebrate, and then move on.

 And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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