Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here’s your sign … It is happening more now than ever …

"If we don’t decide to step out of our box—come out of our comfort zone, we won’t progress and live beyond our present potential, but regress and remain in the reality of our own limitation.”-- Howard T. Dickens Jr.

This past January has been the busiest I have seen in my practice in all of the 25 years I have been in business, going way back to 1988 (yes it all started on 1/14/1988). My calendar has been crammed; I am meeting more people than before. The economy appears to be getting better. Our Region is BOOMING – yes booming (so much for the naysayers). The job market is off to a stronger start in 2013. And people are – yes – more confident, more enthusiastic and in more control than ever before. 

And something else is occurring I believe:  People are seeing their sign – their sign that change is needed, and it is okay to do this, and time to do so in  now. Not next year, not 6-months – Now! They are heeding the signs.

In other words, they have experience what I call a defining moment in their career life. Defining moments in life and career are the occurrences, situations, thoughts or set of things – random or not - woven together. Defining moments are:

 ...The time when you realize that only you control your destiny and no one else – that is a sign – a defining moment

... The moment you realize that your current job doesn’t connect to you --- a defining moment.

 ...When something happens in your job or business that is a game changer --- it’s the moment.

 ...The time when you realize that your career is not for you and you want more – the moment again.

... The time you know that your family or relationship is being negatively affected by the work you do, your attitude, your outlook or your demeanor.

... A time when you get the “ah hah” --- you are just not happy in some part of your life as you realize what you thought you had, you don’t.

When you experience a defining moment in your life, career or in your business, you have two options:

 1. You can let it pass and miss an opportunity.
 2. Or grab it, and make the changes you need to find passion, commitment and drive.

 In my practice, I have witnessed – all too often --- defining moments that occurred that someone failed to act on. Sometimes this  led to lost opportunity – the promotion they didn’t take, the signs of trouble in their employment that led to the business to fail or cutting people – often themselves. The firing you “didn’t see coming” (that never happens --- there is always signs – read more by Harvey MacKay and his book We Got Fired! The opportunity to break out of what they have been doing that isn’t right for them -- and they let the moment pass and continued to be disconnected and without passion.

 The result – they come to me or one of my colleagues not in control of their life and career, but trying to rebuild --  which is more difficult.

 Others however, get the sign and they recognize defining moments.

 They turn lemons into lemonade if they lost their job – or their business.

 They begin to :explore – with gusto – new opportunities.

 They commit to change --- making things better from worst, or making things better from a good place already.

 They accept change, take the signs and they grow to where they want to be.

 They reinvent themselves – like Earl “Magic” Johnson after being diagnosed with HIV --- and where he is today (’s taking leadership. That’s taking control. That’s making lemonade out of lemons.

Have you seen your sign – experienced your defining moment?

My advice:
  •  Accept it – don’t shun the sign or think the defining moment is not important – it is. Many career failures or relationship problem occur our of stubborn ignorance – not believing, not accepting.
  •  Shake it up. Be all you want to be. Determine to be different.
  •  Don’t be the unfortunate most who  just let defining moments pass.
  •  Be a leader in your life – dare to be different – grab on to the moments and make change.

And thank you for reading this - Dan

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