Sunday, February 17, 2013

You may only get a glimpse ..

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  -  Eleanor Roosevelt

 … or a feeling and maybe a hunch.

 What is it – your future and your destiny.

 Many people experience a “moment” – a time when they see or feel that they are in their future and in the role they were destined for. But sadly – most do not act on it – it just goes away, buried by the present day tasks and responsibilities. This happens so often in career  and life  matters. I had the experience to meet someone who will remain nameless who experienced such a glimpse – and acted on it – thanks to another.

 Let’s just call this person Pat. Pat was a public health nurse and she admits, “I became crusty”. She didn’t like her job and had been at it for 27 years, but it was a paycheck. She had gone through some defining moments in her  life and  found herself with some flexibility and most of all, a burning desire to make a change. It happened one night while visiting a beautiful Inn on the Finger Lakes of New York. She got a glimpse – a fleeting moment when she saw herself working at this inn as the innkeeper. She could not sleep – she didn’t want to waste a moment at the inn.

 But the next day came and oh well, on to life. That is when someone close to her – her dear friend who was with her – stepped in and pushed her or else she would have let it go. He friend encouraged her to talk to the current innkeeper and express her interest. She did but not without trepidation. She got her thoughts together and talked to this person who encouraged her to talk to the General Manager that day. Remember – this is all in the span of maybe 12 hours.

 She met with the Assistant and then the General Manager and felt great. There seemed to be interest and she just loved the inn and the staff. She returned home and to her work, and heard nothing and was discouraged.

But her friend again intervened, “You need to call so and so today and do it now”. She did but felt she was “stalking”. Still – nothing materialized and her friend again said. “Don’t let this go – call her again”. And she did – and this time it worked. She is now the innkeeper of this beautiful place. Oh by the way, when she called the third time the current innkeeper informed her that she was leaving. Opportunity struck!

 She got a glimpse of her future – she didn’t let it go!

This is a story of not only the experience of seeing one’s future, but acting on it in a methodical way. This is where many fall down and don’t achieve their dreams. They see it – experience it – and then let it go. They fail to take action, to commit to changing their life or career, and they toil unfulfilled.

So what do you do when you tine see it, feel it, experience it?
  •  First, write it down – immediately. That is a step toward commitment and it talks a glimpse or fleeting thought from the mind and commits it to paper.
  •  Keep it in front of you – always. Not buried in some notebook, on your phone or on your computer, but on a piece of paper you cannot escape from seeing.
  • Take one action toward this dream. I t might be an email, a phone call or other action to move a bit closer – and then do the same everyday or every week so you stay on it. In the case I wrote about, the entire span of time from the glimpse to getting the job of her dreams was a few months (it does not always happen overnight – darn it!).
  •  Never, never take no for an answer. If someone feels you are crazy for pursing this dream, don’t listen to them. If someone tries to hold you back, get away from them and leave them in your dust.  Naysayers have no place in our lives – they just try to hold one back.
  •  And when you  turn your glimpse into your future to reality, CELEBRATE – celebrate hard! You deserve it.
 Remember, if you can visualize it you can be it – not matter what others try to tell you.  Get focused. Achieve. Life. And of course, dream!

 And thank you for reading this. – Dan

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