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The Three Steps to Career (and Life!) Success: Step One: Acceptance

Note: I am out of the country for a few weeks recharging in Italy. I wanted to set up a series of blogs on the three essential steps to success in career – and share one each week with you in the hope that you will inspired to begin the journey. This is the intro to my new book soon to be published, “In the Whirlpool of Life & Career?”. Thx- Dan

The Three Steps to Career (and Life!) Success
And you cannot skip them …
Step One: Acceptance

Over the past twenty-five years I have been in this business, I have learned one very important thing about people in the midst of change …

… Change is a process – a sequential process – and you cannot leapfrog one step, or you failure or enjoy a miserable journey.

Most however try to cut corners. They launch into a change in their career or life without a plan. They jump over the basics – and they find themselves caught in a fog: a feeling of not knowing where to go or what to do next.

It is natural. We are a “want it to be today” society that expects immediate results.
In many situations, technology has enabled us to expect this.

But in others – not. Change in career and life is just one of those life situations that takes time, dedication, and patience. It takes having a plan of action, or you will find yourself lost. It required a dedication – a dedication to achievement that cannot be daunted – by anyone or any situation.

I have coached my clients over the years to look at the process as Three-Steps:
  •  Acceptance
  •  Commitment
  •  Giving yourself permission.
Three powerful words – three powerful states of being to move through.
 “Be willing to have it so. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune”.  -  William James

 This is the hardest step.

Really hard and when you must be totally and bluntly honest with yourself, and with others.
Failure to accept that something, someone or a situation is broken will stop one dead in their tracks and in the 24+ years I have been coaching and mentoring those in the midst of career transition (my definition of midst: thinking about it, talking about it, knowing it but not quite at the step of acceptance), I can tell you without hesitation:

 Acceptance is key to success. Failure to accept is a fate of failure.

 I do think, however, that you are approaching the point of acceptance or you may be there. Why would you buy this book if you were not I would have to ask?

So in this chapter and on this day I am going to ask you to take the huge – yes the biggest – step forward:
Formally accept that you are ready to change, willing to accept new and able to handle the ups and downs of doing so. 

Say it over and over to yourself (and a significant others if that will help at this point:
And now – put your acceptance in writing:

My Acceptance Agreement, entered into on this date:

(Insert Date Here)
Without hesitation (that already occurred!) I willingly enter into this agreement of my acceptance of the following:
On some or many levels, I know change is needed.
 I am willing and accept to look inside myself to identify what is broken and not working, with an open-mind.
 I am willing and accept to look inside myself to identify what I know is working, with an open mind
 I am willing and accept to reevaluate my priorities in life and career, and create a new vision
 I am willing and accept to define my new vision in terms of my career.
 I am willing and will accept the critique and encouragement of others.
 I will reevaluate – I will rediscover – I will succeed.
 I am special. I am good. I am proud of myself. I go forward without inhibiting fear.

Agreed before myself and my God:

(Your Signature)

Copy this page. Post it on your mirror. Post it on your desk. Post it everywhere so it is never out of your sight. This is absolutely critical. Remember out of sight, out of mind.

And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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