Sunday, May 9, 2010

CBS 6 Jobs Report - Are employers hiring?

I am part of the CBS 6 team developing the monthly job index for the Region. The results, just released, are impressive. See the press release below! - Dan


New Employment Survey Uncovers Capital Region is Hiring
Employers also dismiss education as a primary qualification

Albany, Schenectady, Troy – CBS 6 News Anchor Jerry Gretzinger has released the first round of results from the station’s “CBS 6 Jobs Index”. The index is fueled by over 100 local businesses, big and small, that have agreed to complete a survey every month regarding their staffing levels as well as their general thoughts and feelings about the local employment climate.

Each month, respondents will be asked the same 5 questions, as well as 1 ‘Question of the Month’. The survey is conducted with the assistance of the Capital Region Human Resources Association and Dan Moran of Next-Act.

Questions and results for May, 2010 (based on 105 respondents)

1. Over the next calendar month, do you expect your company’s staffing level to:

Increase (hiring)? 52.5%
Decrease (reducing staff)? 3.8%
Stay the same? 43.8%

2. If you plan to grow your staffing level, by what amount will it change?

0-25 86.5%
26-50 8.1%
51-75 5.4%

3. If you are adding personnel, what is the reason behind it?

Replacing those left voluntarily 48.5%
Reinstating downsized positions 8.1%
Expanding/New positions 36.8%
Other 8.8%

4. *If reducing personnel, are the reductions:

Unknown at this time

5. How do you feel about the current employment climate in the Capital Region?

Very encouraged 2.9%
Somewhat encouraged 43.8%
Neutral 30.5%
Somewhat discouraged 19.0%
Very discouraged 3.8%

QOTM: Given your experience in hiring, what do you feel is the most important factor you look for in a job candidate?

Experience 18.3%
Education 0.0%
Industry experience 14.4%
“Fit” to job and corporate culture 77.3%

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