Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take Chances – or just "live" still …

“When you stop taking chances You'll stay where you sit
You won't live any longer But it'll feel like it” -- Bono (1960 – ) Irish music artist

There are two ways to proceed in your career and work life – or your life in general:

The safe and easy way – take no chances, don’t go out on a limb, be content where you are …

Or …

Take chances and risks --- not as safe for sure, but more exciting for many …

I have heard, over and over again in my practice “… if I had only…””

* “If I had only taken that chance at that new opportunity at work …”
* “If I had only been a bit more risky and took that other job …”
* “If I had only invested in that business when the opportunity arose …”
* “If I had only been more open-minded … listened to others …followed my instinct … took a chance.

And the list could go on and on.

As Bono says above, you’ll live just as long if you don’t take chances in your life – but it will be a life perhaps devoid of excitement, opportunity to excel and live your dreams or be all you can be. It is comfortable to do the same-old, same-old day-after-day – but that comfort likely will not bring you further achievement, if that is what you want.

Getting out of your comfort zone, looking at opportunities in a different manner and taking chances (calculated – do your homework), will open new options for you, create a new buzz in your life and career and make others look at you in a different manner.

So --- ready to get out of your comfort zone? Tips to guide you:

* Take calculated risks – only – There is taking risks, and there is taking foolish risks without doing your homework, due diligence and research first. It is critical to fully understand an opportunity or situation that presents itself before you jump in with both feet. Ask others for their opinion. Research on the internet. Find whatever information you can to help you evaluate the chance you are about to take.

* Think about the what if --- What if you are 100% wrong and make the wrong decision – ask yourself this question: What is the worst that can happen? You take the risk on a new job and it doesn’t work out – you move on to another job backed by yet another learning experience. You find yourself in a career that you just don’t care for – find your happiness and change your direction (most just starting their job life will change careers between 2 and 5 times during their working life). Take a chance on a relationship that isn’t working – that’s an easy one; change it up. Invest in a business that seems to be going nowhere – cut your losses before you get too deep and again learn.

When you ask yourself the question what is the worst that can happen and you are true to yourself in looking at the answers you will likely find that a mistake won’t be devastating for life. Perhaps a bit uncomfortable for awhile, but not life-ending.

* When you know that the answer is yes take the risk – do it with gusto, don’t look back, don’t second guess yourself – You need to be either all in, or not in at all. When you make your decision to embark and get out of your comfort zone, that needs to be top-of-mind and the center of all your actions and plans. You need to believe in yourself and what you are doing. If you don’t, you can’t expect others to believe in you.

Get in the game. Go for the shot – take a chance to score big time and excel. Enjoy the trip!

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