Monday, May 31, 2010

Summertime … Summertime … Summertime – The “Unofficial Start” is Monday, Memorial Day …

The season where jobs don’t go away --- job seekers do!

We wait all year for the summer in the Capital Region. There is just so much to do and savor. Maybe too much!

Summer is also the time of the year (second only to the holidays in December) when job seekers defect for the summer, and just plain stop looking. Their assumption: The 3rd quarter is not a good time to be looking – after all, its summer and businesses slow.

Not so. No proof of this at all.

In fact, there is proof just to the opposite.

* The Summer months – June – July – August do not show any decline in the number of job postings week by week – the numbers are consistent.

* This year posting are up over 100% from last year – and the trend is continuing.

* Surveys are forecasting that hiring activity will continue to be strong the upcoming quarter. Local surveys on upcoming hiring plans are the strongest I have seen in 2 and one-half years.

So why is it job seekers just put their resume on the shelf for the summer.

They buy into the myth that jobs dry up in the summer. As of Wednesday May 26, there were over 6300 9 jobs posted online within a 50 mile radius of Albany and were posted within the prior seven days. Of course, not every posting is right for you, and there are all types of industries, skill sets and experience represented; however, the number is significant.

Were you going to put your resume on the shelf on the Summer – do just the opposite …

Consider these ideas:

* Many will still opt out for the summer – so the competition for jobs is not as strong – Take advantage of this and use it to your ben

* Use summer events as networking opportunities – Picnics, social gatherings, events all are excellent ways to connect with others. Networking is still the most effective and best way to land a job – use the summer to network, network, network (and have fun too!). You never know who you may meet that could help you in your search.

* Adjust your schedule a bit – You will find that on Fridays during the summer, many people take longer weekends or have alternative work schedules during the summer. You will find it difficult to get in touch with people on Fridays (I see this in my own business as well – so I take Fridays off).

* Be flexible – It is true that decisions on hiring during the summer months (and the holiday season as well) sometimes take longer as people are out on vacations. Don’t get frustrated if the call that was to be this week rolls into next week by an employer. Keep your schedule options open as well, and be flexible to meet an interviewer’s need.

* Be connected. Hiring managers complain they can’t get in touch with candidates. Candidates travel, vacation or just check out and don’t return emails or phone calls promptly, and that doesn’t look good. So – be connected.

And of course, enjoy the summer and have fun!

As always, thank you for reading this. - Dan

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