Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lessons from Hurricane Irene … Always be Prepared – Over Prepared!

“If you are prepared, you will be confident, and will do the job.” – Tom Landry

A short blog this weekend – please enjoy Labor Day – the celebration of the US worker! - Dan

The horrific havoc that Hurricane Irene has put on our Region will take many years to forget. The loss of property, livelihoods, history and of course lives has caused many to pause and reflect on what we have seen. It will take a long time to repair and restore – and to heal in our Region as well as other parts of the country..

There is a lesson in what we have experienced – the lesson: Be Prepared – Be Over Prepared …

Once never knows when a sudden change, occurrence, disaster or other situation can, in a moment, change the direction of your life on a level, and that includes your career. It is preached by professionals in my field: Don’t Get Caught, Be Prepared. We saw what happened just a few years back as the economy plummeted – millions lost jobs and the sad case is – most were not prepared. They were caught in the malaise of “… it can’t happen to me … I’ll just watch and wait this one out”. That didn’t happen – they were “hit” and hit hard – and many still suffer.

Please take a lesson from the pleas of our public officials in the days before Irene – don’t think you are safe when you may not be – prepare and over prepare. In your career, have your plan of action in place, and be prepared in the event there is a change in your career situation, on your choice or the choice of your employer. Know the actions you will take in order: 1-2-3 and more. Have your guidance on where to go and what you should do next in your career. Have your lifeline – your contacts – close at hand.

In your life, heed warnings to prepare. If it turns out to be preparation for nothing, so be it. It could be the other way. Those who chide you for preparing – they will be the ones you will need to help when they find themselves in an unprepared situation. Don’t forgot to remind them!

You can never over prepare – but you can under prepare. Your career fuels your life and money – protect it.

To the thousands of volunteers, fire, police, municipal employees, official on all levels, community groups, neighbors-helping-neighbors who were and continue to be there through the aftermath of Irene – THANK YOU. Be Proud!

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