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Weekly Jobs Report, September 15, 2011

Still tough out there -- Irene raised havoc too ...

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September 4, 2011

Job Postings Drop Again Past Seven Days

(Albany, NY, September 14, 2011) – Job postings continued to drop this past week by about 5% on the heels of a 15% drop just after the Labor Day holiday signaling continued concern. Postings came in at just about 3850 compared to just about 4000 the week prior. This is the first time the market dipped below 4000 in a few months.

“The region should have seen a shot of increased job postings right after the holiday and this has not materialized signaling a continuing concern among employers in terms of future hiring. In addition, the effects of Hurricane Irene seems to have taken a toll on the business community to a larger extent than first imagined as a significant percentage of businesses report that their business was impacted by the effects of the storm”, stated Dan Moran, Founder & President of Next-Act (, a career transition management firm located in Colonie. “ What we are seeing in our region isn’t unusual – the rest of the country is seeking the same – strong demand in June and early July that then just fell off the table and has stayed that way. What is unusual is that our region has been impacted in the same manner – it hasn’t in the most recent history in the past. What is unique – the effects of the Hurricane”. Job posting last year at this time were 4400.

Job postings were up in all other markets again pointing to the effects of the hurricane on our region as part of the answer. “New York City saw a huge bump in job activity after a few lower weeks”, stated Moran. Albany is the smallest market in size when compared to the other markets outside of NYC and continues to outpace with more job postings.

About Next-Act

Next-Act, a division of DVG, Inc. is a career management & transition firm directed by Dan Moran, the Founder & President of the firm. Moran contributes over thirty years experience in career consulting, business and human resources management. Moran is noted for his expertise in helping today’s “boomers” move on to fulfilling second careers, while helping executives and professionals achieve their career goals. The firm also provides human resources consulting and corporate services to companies. Moran is also a certified facilitator for C.J. Hayden’s Get Clients Now! & Get Hired Now! programs.

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