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Early Bloomer – Late Bloomer –Boomer … It doesn’t really make a difference when – it is all about the if …

“As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time.” – Denis Waitley

I read a great article this past week which I have shared the link to. It is the story of a highly-successful New York woman who was at the top of her world – had it all, the material trappings, money and more – and it all came crashing down, no fault of her own. Gone was the job – her relationship – her material wealth.

What she determined to do was to bloom under a rather cloudy time in her life, and become a therapist. Chucked it all – put her “stuff” in storage, went home to her parents on the West Coast, enrolled in school and now is blooming in life with purpose and passion. As you will see, she takes offense in being called a “late bloomer” as her destiny was etched – she just had to discover it.

And it never would have happened if the sky didn’t - as it appeared to – fall in on her. She proved – you can bloom at any time in life – when you are 25 – 45 – 75 or 85 (if your health is with you). It just takes a push to a degree – or as I call it, a defining moment. Blooming in a newer term to the market to define taking a career and/or life situation that forces a change and determining to grow – or bloom from it.

Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining and the social, economic, political and what-ever-else-crisis we are living through today is, to a degree, forcing action and helping people realized underutilized potential they never knew they had. It is happening as their life and career changes and when change are forced upon them. This change forced upon many is not defined by age, gender, social class or other factors – it is touching all on an equal, non-discriminatory basis. The change can be motivating and forward-thinking – if you will accept it.

Are you an early bloomer – late bloomer – boomer bloomer – you name it? It doesn’t make a difference when – it is about the if you will allow yourself to bloom when the situation is presented.

Sound intriguing – how could it not! A few tips:

Keep an “idea” book handy always – Put it on the side of your bed, with you at work or other activity and as you think of an idea, do not commit it to memory – write it down. You memorialize the idea – and it is there for your recall (okay – let’s admit it too – some of us boomers have “memory deficiency” as I like to call it – others call it can’t remember crap).

Take your time – Many make snap and rush decisions when they are climbing and often times these decisions are hasty and poor. Don’t get caught up in a race with them – come from behind and nip them at the wire – on your own schedule, not the schedule of another.

Don’t be envious of other who appear to find their niche earlier in life – Understand that it sometimes takes longer and it is useless to compare yourself to others – that will get you nowhere, faster. Establish your pace to bloom – and stay at it; don’t let others push you forward if you are not ready. Then again – if you are stalled for perhaps no real reason – take the shove from someone else you respect – they are trying to help.

Trust in yourself – This is critical. You must state and believe – I know what I am doing is right – I know … and repeat it over and over again.

Read the article if you wish:

And thank you for reading this – bloomer! - Dan
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