Sunday, October 16, 2011

The secret ---- the one element that defines success …

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”. – Albert Einstein

I meet with so many people each week from all walks of life and situations. Some are unemployed, others underemployed and the majority, seeking to improve their career and/or life situation. And I meet those as well that are struggling - mightily -- under this most difficult economy and job market that we are seeing right now. As a country, we appear to be in a malaise of sorts - there is a lame duck attitude that is prevailing in our government and that is affecting business, personal growth and success. It is so damaging as this attitude is holding people and companies back from growing, affecting our economy and then that affects jobs - a vicious cycle.

Many have asked me -- what is the secret that those who are successful in achieving their goals and dreams - a new job, career or situation in life? I have asked myself the same question. I know when the person across my desk, when asked what is the secret or success tool they have that keeps them going, they reach into themselves and pull it out and as their hands open up - it shines.

It is hope.

Those who are hopeful see promise and have a purpose in life, They who have hope look at situations differently from those who have sadly lost hope - they see the light, not the dark. And with hope, they move forward purposefully toward their goal, fueled by the power of hope. We have all seem despair and lack of hope - in our own area with the storms, and certainly in the media. Homes lost. Businesses washed away. Lives and livestock lost. That is despair.

But even in those situations, they have hope to keep them going. I talked with a gentlemen just this past Friday in our region who had lost all in the flood - he told me he will persevere, because he has hope, and I am sure he will.

If you are feeling hopeless in your career or life situation, may I suggest:

• Slow your mind down – One becomes overwhelmed with thoughts – good and more likely bad – and this “noise” clouds clear thinking.
• Set goals for yourself – There is a saying,” If you take your eye off the goals, all you see are obstacles”. So true – set goals – little ions that are attainable and celebrate when you achieve one and then move on.
• Be with those who will support you – not those who will drag you down – So important. Some people rather enjoy getting into the negative muck with someone and casting their sorrows and negativity upon someone else. Get away from these people in your life, align with those who know and understand you, and will support you.
• Do good for someone – In your toughest moments, find a way to help someone else in need. That glow you experience when you have done this will help. UI tell many who are in the pits of being unemployed to think not of themselves, but to think of others in need and help them through support or volunteering in the community.
• Seek help – If you feel that you are continuing to sink and cannot see your way out of this hopelessness, see professional help.

Hang on to the one secret to success - hope. Never let it go. Cherish it and nurture it. It is your key to your goals and dreams in all aspects of your life, career, relationships and more.

And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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