Sunday, December 30, 2012

It’s Pert Near 2013 – You’re Up!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

 In a scant number of hours, it will be 2013 (or it may be already - depends upon when you are reading this) – a New Year full of promise, opportunity and challenges – it you are up to them.

 2012  was a tough year for many as we:

 … Tried to figure out where this economy was going, went or what have you.

 .. Wrestled with an unsettled job market very slow in the first half of the year, better in the second half and then the brakes were put on in December with fears of the fiscal cliff and pesky high unemployment.

 … Grieved over and over again as we witnessed shameful and senseless acts of violence killing children and adults alike and shaking our country to its core.

 … Witnessed the impact of mother nature as we rebuilt in our nearby Schoharie County and watched the devastation of Sandy.

 … Said goodbye to family members and notables in our country who left us in 2012.

 Tough. Very tough. Bye bye!

 So how do you start 2013 on a strong note?

Everything I mentioned  was out of our control to a great degree, but we paid for it. I have always been a believer of “Control what you can control; change what you can change. Let the other stuff go”.
 Here are five things you can do, control right now and set you up for a better 2013  before the New Year bell rings:
  •  Set three goals for 2013 – that can measured and have meaning. The key – write them down; set up how you will measure your success. Goals such a Identify my ideal career by 5/31/2012 … Get out of this horrible relationship by 3/15/2013 … Find a new job with purpose by 6/30/2013. Be specific!
  •  Post your goals where they are never out of sight – on your mirror, on your desk, in your car. If out of sight, they will become out of mind.

  • State your intentions to others – your significant other, friends, etc. and ask them to as well, hold you accountable!

  • Live your goals – and your dreams. Never be controlled by another – never!
  •  Celebrate your achievements – achieve a goal – celebrate. Party; buy something for yourself or your family. Remember how it felt – and do it again.

THANK YOU for a wonderful year and for your support in reading my blog ( and telling me about my typos!). May 2013 be your best year –or should I say – may you make 2013 your best year!

 And thank you for reading this. -Dan

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