Sunday, July 7, 2013

It’s Half-Time on 2013 – What is your score?

Editors Note: Short blog this week - traveling and enjoying the 4th holiday. Hope you have too!

 Yes – one half of the year is behind us. Gone. Finished. And you cannot change it's history.

 Many reflect on where they are in their life and career on January 1st – the New Year, and it is a great time to reflect, plan and act.

But sometimes things do not happen and materialize as one wants, so it is time to adjust the game at half-time. As it is half-time now, and we still have 6 months left in the year to make things you planned happen, set your course now – it’s kick-off!

 Perhaps it was a new job in your 2013 plan – or a career change – or other defining life change. Perhaps “things” got in the way of your achievement.

 Put them aside – get focused and keep focused on the remaining 6 months to achieve your goals.
 Start today is there a better time?

 And thank you for reading this. - Dan 

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