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Q3 – Should Rock and Roll for Jobs …

We are off to a great start – the 3rd quarter that is. Jobs in our region appear to be off to a very strong start – much stronger that even the 2nd quarter and that is very surprising. Historically, the 2nd quarter of the year is the strongest for job and hiring . This year and again – it is the 3rd quarter that is showing considerable strength across all sectors.

 The “pundits” have come together …
 You know what a forecaster and analyst is good at? Creating new forecasts! But everyone is in sync about the 3rd quarter – it will be strong.
 A few examples:

 Manpower, a powerhouse in the employment field forecasts:
  •  ·         Manpower indicates 22% of employers plan to hire in the 3rd quarter – the highest level nationally in four years
  •  ·         Manpower is also forecasting that in our Region 25% of employers plan to hire – that is strong.
  •  ·         44 percent of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees, on par with last year

  •  ·         25 percent plan to hire part-time employees, up from 21 percent last year

  •  ·         31 percent plan to hire temporary or contract workers, up from 21 percent last year
 Other forecasts nationally are indicating the same. The bottom line – the job market is stronger that we have seen in a number of years. So those who say there are no jobs – sorry, wrong.

 However we are not back to the “Glory Years” …
 2006 … 2005 and back a few – jobs nationally and regionally were booming at levels about 25% better than what we are seeing now in our Region, and about 50% better nationally. The unemployment rate was a scant 3.4% – otherwise known as inflationary unemployment when employers had to pay more to attract job candidates. We are not there now and I think it will be a number of years before we get there again.
What to do?
 Thinking about a new job? Thinking about a career change? Get off the sidelines – jump in – the “water” is fine; the market is strong. Don’t wait until the Fall – now is the time.
 Be all you can be. Define your own destiny. Soar. Excel. And thank you for reading this. – Dan

For your information, this week’s job report …

Job Postings Steady Last Seven Days – Very Strong Indicators that 3rd Quarter will be strong for jobs

(Albany, NY,  July 24, 2013) –  Job postings held steady at over the 2000 mark again this week, a bit down from last week but holding steady at a level we have not seen for a few years, and that is very good news. “Job postings in the Region were 2100 compared with 2200 last week, a very slight decline. But the good news – we are holding steady at numbers we have not seen for a few years. This is on top of national forecasts from Manpower and others that indicate 22% of employers plan to hire in the 3rd quarter – the highest level nationally in four years. In our Region, better than 25% of employers plan to hire – a very strong indicator that the second half will be very, very strong. I am bullish – and I hope job seekers as well as employers will be too”, . stated Dan Moran, of Next-Act (, a career transition management firm located in Colonie. Moran continued to stress, “It is important that job seekers not put their resumes on the shelf thinking jobs and hiring are down in the Summer – there is no truth to this at all and the numbers show it. Be sharp, be connected and be aggressive as the market, like the weather, is hot right now.  

Most other markets as well were up this past week. The Capital Region continues to still outpace Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, all larger markets with more employers and population.  

National Job Scene

On the national level, job postings stayed about the same indicating weakness in some parts of the country.  Postings were 525,300 compared to 536,000 the week before.. 

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