Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be a success overnight – Read this Book – NOT!

“Be willing to have it so. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune”. William James

 I am intrigued by the products and services advertised on the Web promising:

 Change your life and see results today – Buy this Program!

Instantly Earn 10x Time you Earn Now Starting Today – But this book!

Your Best Life Ever – Send Money Now!

 … and the examples can go on and on.

 I am preparing to present at the smAbany Expo on Tuesday July 17th (I am on at 4:00) when I will be talking about 28-Days to Career & Life Ascendency  ( or discovering (or rediscovering) your path in life and career) which is the basis of the book I am completing. What I have stressed throughout the presentation and subsequently the book – ascending in your life and career is not a get-it-done today project, it is a process with clearly identified and measurable goals and metrics to manage your accountability. There are defined processes to follow to move your life & career forward and landmines to avoid at all costs.

 And while I write about a 28-Day Plan cycle, it can be 28 weeks or 28 months – that is up to the individual.
 But it isn’t read this today – success tomorrow. Doesn’t happen – so sorry to tell you.

 If you can make the expo I would love to have you stop by and listen as I tell more how this repeatable process works ( … admission free but you must pre-register). I stress repeatable as there may be multiple 28-Day (week or month) processes you need to undertake as you achieve a goal, set a new set of goals and move on.

 But it all begins with three critical steps: Acceptance, Commitment, Pledging

 Every program focused on helping one make change in their life and career is focused on the first most critical steps – the steps many do not take and then find themselves failing in their efforts and they give up. In my plan and book, the steps are clear:

 Acceptance – Accepting that there are parts of your life and/or career (they are so intertwined) that are broken and not working and must be changed in order for you to grow, and then giving yourself permission to accept and change these.

 Commitment – Committing to the required steps, processes and goals  that can begin to take you on your journey. Many accept that something isn’t working, but they do not commit to doing what is required. Some just elect to complain about their situation – that is going nowhere!

 Pledging – Some may call this “socializing” your acceptance and commitment. It is stating your intentions clearly to yourself, those you love and love you and your higher being – perhaps your God. It is putting your butt on the line, gathering support, talking about your plan and what you are going to achieve and owning it.  When you pledge it, you better do it – or take the wrath.

 Taking these three critical steps in the process and completing them – crossing them off your DO LIST * – is energizing, motivating and life-defining. You will release the shackles that may have held you back – and you will put your butt on the line of personal accountability: doing what you say you will do.

 Thanks for reading this as always. Maybe catch you Tuesday at smAlbany. - Dan

 * What is a DO LIST? It is your list of "things" that you must complete. But different than a To Do list - that is the future, it is a DO LIST - which compels you to do it now!

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