Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence – Declare it now …

“He who defines duty for himself is his own master.” -  Dick Cheatham

As we ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, when our nation declared its independence, it is yet another time to reflect and think about  having independence in your life and career, which so many yearn for. Independence doesn’t just mean being our there on your own, but as well:

Being independent of obstacles that have the potential to derail your future, by handling them now.

Being independent of a workplace that is full of negativity, or disrespect.

Being independent of those around you who hold you back, intentionally or not.

Being independent of the constraints of a broken or unfulfilled relationship.

Being independent of “The Man” – and to be on your own, in your own business.

All too often I meet a person who desperately needs to be independent on some level, but they do not take the actions required. And it is usually fear that holds them back. Fear of failure. Fear of what others think. Fear of the unknown.

In this situation I recommend you ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen?

I think you will be surprised at the answer – really surprised – as you learn that the worst that could happen you could recoup from. And that is motivating and should help remove the shackles that have been holding you back. And – you will be in control.  Only the day you take control back of your life will you truly be on the way to true achievement in every sense of the word.

Light your fuse on the 4th .  Send off your personal fireworks. Glow – beam – be heard – light up the sky of your life.

And thank you for reading this.  - Dan

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