Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do the right thing always - you will never be wrong ...

Short blog this week .... Taking some time off.

The case that has been in the media this past week about the lifeguard in Florida, Tomas Lopez,  being fired for rescuing a man in trouble on the beach who was not in his zone leading to his firing is, at best, an example of taking the policy book too far - way to far.

He was summoned by others on the beach to help. The man who was drowning was in an area of the beach with no lifeguard coverage. Nevertheless, he needed immediate attention. The young man immediately start CPR and saved the man. He was a hero. A family was certainly grateful and blessed that he was there to help. All was good,

And then he was fired as were a few other lifeguards who sided with him. Others quit in a show of support.

He was fired because he broke the policy of never leaving an assigned zone. The reaction -- quick and swift and Tomas has been the subject of national interviews. The outcry was direct - you must be kidding Ellis Management Company and the principal Jeff Ellis who fired the guards. Are you serious?

Just because there is a policy and the policy was likely well intentioned doesn't mean that one does not do the right thing in the face of crisis. We react with compassion. We take action to help. We are human.

The company thought better of the decision  and in the midst of the outcry reconsidered and offered to hire back the guards who were fired. As of today, they have said no thanks. Tomas himself harbors no anger - he has just elected to look for work elsewhere.

His ethics and values were questioned - he cannot accept this, nor should he.

In life and career, do the right thing always. Question authority who do not share the values of compassion, ethics and accountability.

And thank you for reading this. - Dan

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