Sunday, January 13, 2013

The time is NOW!

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"Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. " - ~ Jonatan Martensson

Welcome to 2013 – and the climb begins! Each year I am asked. “Dan – when does the job market pick up after the holidays?”

Is it on New Year’s Day?
Is it the first week in January?
Is it February?

Simple answer – it is now and it is happening.

I am writing this blog on Thursday January 11th. Just this morning my job market report hit the media and the report – oh boy, was it nice.

Jobs in our region – especially the past few days – have surged. In fact, this morning (1/11/13), job postings in the region hit just about hit 2000 – I haven’t seen this number in over seven months – yes, seven months.

I monitor job market activity in the region, defined as a 50 mile radius of Albany, NY. Over the past few weeks, it has been a bit quiet which is expected and normal for the holidays. The holidays have an impact – the fiscal cliff concerns had a huge impact, although the national media says it didn’t – they are dead wrong – look in the “backyards” of communities.

So – been on the sidelines? Jump in now. Don’t wait and certainly don’t listen to the naysayers. Think positive – think success, and you will succeed.

I have included my job report for the week below …

And thank you for reading this. – Dan

For Immediate release

January 9, 2013

Job Postings Show Huge Gains past few days – up significantly across state and nationally

(Albany, NY,  January 9, 2013) –  Job postings increased significantly in the region and across the state especially the past few days as employers seem to have woken up from the holidays and started first quarter hiring plans in a robust manner. Postings averaged 1436 the past seven days, up from 1048 the week prior and this result was consistent across New York state. “Welcomed news for those in the market and observers who may see more confidence in the minds of employers, bucking some local and national polls. The market really begins to pick up in latter January – this is earlier than normal but certainly better – especially after very lean last few months of the year. This is also good news on the heels of the announcement of Global Foundries’ expansion in Malta generating an additional 1,000 jobs. This will have a very positive effect upon our area”, stated Dan Moran, of Next-Act (, a career transition management firm located in Colonie.

Other markets in NYS reported similar results. The Capital Region continues to still outpace Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, all larger markets with more employers and population.  

National Job Scene

As of 1/292013  there were,  on a seven-day-average,  481,432, up from 327,321 the week prior – consistent with results in our region.  

About Next-Act

Next-Act, a division of DVG, Inc. is a career management & transition firm directed by Dan Moran, the Founder & President of the firm. Moran contributes over thirty years experience in career consulting, business and human resources management. In 2012, his firm will celebrate 24 years in business. Moran is noted for his expertise in helping today’s “boomers” move on to fulfilling second careers, while helping executives and professionals achieve their career goals. The firm also provides human resources consulting and corporate services to companies. Moran is also a certified facilitator for C.J. Hayden’s Get Clients Now! &  Get Hired Now! programs.

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