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What really matters … it isn’t money alone …

The biggest mistake people make is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. - - Malcom Forbes

Why do people leave jobs – why do they stay?

 Is it money alone. NO!

 It is much more and a recent survey studied what is important to workers that make the difference between liking where they work, and not. This is telling – and may be the “list” of what you seek in your next career or job.

 First off, title isn’t important anymore. The VP, CEO or other title isn’t what drives people. They will switch title for:

  •  Flexible schedule – 59 percent
  • Being able to make a difference – 48 percent 
  • Challenging work – 35 percent 
  • Ability to work from home – 33 percent

 And the perks that were important:
  •  Half-day Fridays – 40 percent
  • On-site fitness center – 20 percent
  • Ability to wear jeans – 18 percent
  • Daily catered lunches – 17 percent
 Yes, money is still important – but success in a job or career is much more than money. If you look at the top reason people leave a job – it is management practices: their boss, their bosses boss, lack of communication, lack of direction, lack of growth. I know many (and have been there) who have made gobs of money, but hated their job or company. The money lost its luster over time and they yearned for more. They needed to find their better fit.

 Find your “fit” – not just another job …

 These statistic continue to emphasize that the right job for you, or right career, isn’t just about the money, but the right company that aligns to your needs, culture that fosters growth, and a culture that values their assets – the people who they employ?

 Have it now – great – enjoy the ride! Not feeling that you fit the job or company – get off your duff and so something about it – CHANGE!

You control your career destiny – no one else.: T

Three steps to start TODAY:
  •  Accept that you need to change
  • Commit to taking action to change – and start today – little actions start the ball rolling.
  • Give yourself permission to make a change – say it is okay for you to move on, to explore new options to be fulfilled.
  Nothing happens until you do these three steps. What happens next – it can be magic!

 And thank you for reading this. –Dan

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